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#465 Does Wisdom Come With Age (Maybe)

Jan 8, 2024

#465 Does Wisdom Come With Age (Maybe)

Does Wisdom Come With Age (Maybe)

Does wisdom come with age? Maybe. While there’s a comforting adage in the silver lining of a wrinkled brow, age alone isn’t a ticket to the sage club. True wisdom requires more than mere chronometers clicking; it’s a dance of experience, reflection, and a dash of humility. Sure, years gather knowledge, a library accumulated on life’s dusty shelves. But wisdom whispers in the margins, born from grappling with that knowledge, turning it over in open hands, and accepting its flickering shadows. Some souls, young or old, have an uncanny knack for this waltz, while others, even with age’s gentle hand, remain tangled in the threads of their experience. So, does age bring wisdom? It can, like fertile soil waiting for the right seed. But in the end, it’s the heart’s soil that truly matters, its openness to life’s lessons, not the mere passage of time.

(Bollywood movie talked about in podcast: “Lage Raho Munda Bhai” ((Keep Going, Munna Bro)), 2006)

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