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#274 Happiness – Two Key Components of The Good Life

On our search for the good life, is there anything they we can focus on throughout the day to help us? Dr. Puff explores 2 key ingredients of living the good life. Two books meantioned in the talk were “Remembrance of Things Past” by Marcel Proust and...

#273 Happiness – The Joy of Friends

Good friends are one of the great blessing of life. ¬†Come explore how to find and to be an awesome friend. To learn more about the Happiness Podcast, go to: To learn more about Dr. Puff’s Corporate Workshops, go to:...

#272 Happiness – Love Thy Neighbor

Is there anyone whom we couldn’t love once we have heard their story? Healing, compassion and forgivenness can all be found in listening to and learning from other people’s story. To learn more about the Happiness Podcast, go to:...

#271 Happiness – The Beauty of Acceptance

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan or hope for. When unexpected change happens, we can choose to fight that change or work towards acceptance of the change. There is wonderful beauty in developing the art of acceptance. To learn more about the Happiness...

#270 Happiness – Less Ego, More Happiness

Our lives are often dictated by striving to win the approval of others and ourselves. What would our lives be like if we did things for the pure joy and happiness of these experiences? To learn more about the Happiness Podcast, go to:
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