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#276 Happiness – The Enemy to Our Happiness

Are the events in our lives the ultimate cause of our unhappiness, or is there something else at the root of our suffering? Perhaps we have more control over our happiness than we think. To learn more about the Happiness Podcast, go to:...

#275 Happiness – What We Are In Control Of

At times during our lives, we can feel like we are in complete control of events that occur to us and at other times we feel that we don’t have any control whatsoever.  What are we really in control of?  The philosopher Epictetus is mentioned in the podcast. To...

#274 Happiness – Two Key Components of The Good Life

On our search for the good life, is there anything they we can focus on throughout the day to help us? Dr. Puff explores 2 key ingredients of living the good life. Two books meantioned in the talk were “Remembrance of Things Past” by Marcel Proust and...

#273 Happiness – The Joy of Friends

Good friends are one of the great blessing of life.  Come explore how to find and to be an awesome friend. To learn more about the Happiness Podcast, go to: To learn more about Dr. Puff’s Corporate Workshops, go to:...
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