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#230 Happiness – The Scorpion and the Frog

Finding good friends and well-matched life partners can be challenging at times.  The old story of “The Scorpion and the Frog” gives us some clues into finding healthy relationships and knowing what we can and cannot change.   To learn more about the...

#229 Happiness – The Happy Heart in Nature

New research describes the benefits of just spending 20 minutes in nature.  In this episode, we explore the the beautiful ramifications of spending time in nature.  The study was was done by  H. Yuen & G. Jenkins and was titled “Factors associated with...

#228 Happiness – The Happiness Reset Button

Sometimes life is challenging. What if we could reset our day and our lives. Though we often can’t do much to change the external conditions of our lives, we can always change our internal conditions. Learn how to press the “Happiness Reset Button.”...

#227 Happiness – 2 Unexpected Lessons from Mother Teresa

During the canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, some of her personal letters where made public.  The insights from these letters and her struggles can help us learn how to address struggles with attachments in our own lives.  To learn more about the Happiness...

#226 Happiness – The 3 Benefits of Smiles

In this talk, we explore the positive benefits that smiling can have in our lives. We also look at the research study on smiling by N. Coles, J. Larsen and H. Lench entitled “A meta-analyiss of the facial feedback literature: Effects of facial feedback on...
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