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#225 Happiness – The 2 Parts of Happy Goal Setting

Goals can be an extremely effective tool to improve our lives. However, they also can cause us and others a lot of suffering if we don’t implement two key factors of successful goal setting.   To learn more about the Happiness Podcast, go to:...

#224 Happiness – Happiness Lessons from Voltaire’s “Candide”

In the Eighteenth Century, life changed permanently because of a tragic event that happened in Lisbon, Portugal.  In this episode, we explore the implications to living a happy life with these new changes that continue to effect us today.    To learn more about the...

#223 Happiness – The Unhappiness of Too Much Control

In this episode, we look at the three things we try to control in our lives and the potential negative consequences of this control.  To learn more about the Happiness Podcast, go to: To learn more about Dr. Puff’s Corporate...

#222 Happiness – Curiosity, A Side Effect of Living Well

One of the side effects of growing emotionally and spiritually, is we should begin to see the curiosity of a child return to our hearts. Instead of being exhausted by life, we begin to find that life is a beautiful universe waiting to be explored.  To learn more about...

#221 Happiness – Finding More Happiness in Giving than Receiving

Is it better to give or to receive?  Well, when it comes to happiness, giving wins.  We examine the research findings of a study published in 2018 in Psychological Science entitled, ” Impediments to Effective Altruism: The Role of Subjective Preferences ins...
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