Happiness Podcast – How To Find Happiness To Live A Happy Life

Do you ever wonder what it takes to lead a peaceful, happy life? Are you curious about the specific steps involved in a self-actualized, limitless life? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Or are you just plain tired and want some help? We explore all these concerns and more every week on the Happiness Podcast, which has been downloaded over 5 million times since its inception. Happiness does not happen by chance, but because we take specific actions in our lives to create it. Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., author of 13 books, TV show host, Psychology Today blogger, and corporate trainer, has been studying the actions it takes to reach the highest levels of human achievement for decades, and he wants to share what he knows with you. Come and explore, along with millions of others from the Happiness Podcast, Dr. Puff books, Psychology Today blog, and corporate workshop attendees, the specific steps to take so that you can soar in your life.

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#65 Happiness – How Kindness Creates Happiness


In this Happiness Podcast, we look at the research showing the correlation being kindness and happiness in couples and how being kind towards others and ourselves is a key component of happiness. To learn more about the Podcast, go to: http://www.HappinessPodcast.org To explore Dr. Puff’s Corporate Workshops, go to: http://www.SuccessBeyondYourImagination.com

#64 Happiness – Finding Happiness with PTSD Symptoms


How do we find happiness and peace when we have gone through traumatic events. Learn how in this episode of the Happiness Podcast: http://www.HappinessPodcast.org To explore Dr. Puff’s Corporate Workshops, go to: http://www.SuccessBeyondYourImagination.com

#63 Happiness–How Music Effects Our Happiness


Explore both the positive and negative impact music can have on our lives with Dr. Robert Puff’s Happiness Podcast.

#62 Happiness – Seeking Happiness Can Keep Us Unhappy


In process of seeking happiness, we can create stories in our minds that actually keep us from “being” happy. Come explore, with Dr. Puff, how we can be happy without seeking for happiness. If you would like to learn more about the world of happiness, please visit: http://www.happinesspodcast.org

#61 Happiness – Neuroplasticity and Happiness Habits


Research has soon that we can change our brains structure through activities we engage in. Learn how we can change our brains to be happier. If you what to learn more about the world of happiness, visit www.HappinessPodcast.org

#60 Happiness – Having a Back-up Plan for Happiness


In this podcast, Dr. Puff explores the importance of being flexible with our plans so we can have good experiences no matter what happens. To learn more, visit: http://www.happinesspodcast.org

#59 Happiness – Finding Happiness with a Diagnosis of Cancer


Is there a successful way to emotionally deal with a diagnosis of cancer, whether our own, or a loved one? In this Happiness Podcast, Dr. Puff explores ways we can find happiness even with cancer.

#58 Happiness – Treating Life as a Permanent Vacation


In this Happiness Podcast episode, Dr. Puff explores how when we treat everything in life as temporary and don’t cling to things, like when we are on vacation, then happiness will be our reward. To learn more, visit http://www.HappinessPodcast.org

#57 Happiness – Henry David Thoreau’s “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify”


In the Happiness Podcast, Dr. Puff explores the importance of keeping our life free so that we have time for happiness. As Henry David Thoreau said in Walden, “Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumb-nail.” To learn more, go to http://www.HappinessPodcast.org

#56 Happiness – Finding Happiness and Living Well with the Ongoing Challenges


In this Happiness Podcast, Dr. Puff examines how we can live well even with the ongoing challenges of life by letting go of the expectations that there won’t be anymore challenges.

#55 Happiness – How to Keep Finding Pleasure in Life


In this Happiness Podcast, Dr. Robert Puff explore how we can maintain an overall love of life by keeping our hearts young and with newness.

#54 Happiness – The Root Cause of Our Suffering and How to End It


In this Happiness Podcast episode, Dr. Robert Puff explores how we evolved to suffer thousands of years ago and how to change this suffering “habit” into living a happy life “habit.”

#53 Happiness – 3 Things to do When “Bad” Things Happen


In this Happiness Podcast, Dr. Robert Puff explores what we can do when we go through tough times in life. To learn more, visit: www.HappinessPodcast.org

#52 Happiness – 3 Steps for Changing Bad Habits into Good Habits


Dr. Robert Puff explores the 3 steps for changing our bad habits into good habits on the Happiness Podcast. Whether we struggle with addictions or just frustrating habits, this episode gives us effective tools for change.

#51 Happiness – Three Key Components for Staying Happy


In this podcast, Dr. Robert Puff discusses the three key components for keeping our emotional and mental health at a “happy” level for the rest of our lives. To learn more, visit: http://www.HappinessPodcast.org