Why Addictions Are So Powerful and How to Overcome Them

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We are going to look at the nature of addictions: why they are so powerful, why we turn toward them, and how we can turn away from them, as we must, because of the negative consequences they ultimately deal out.

Addictions come in all shapes and forms. We can all think of stories about people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. These types of abuses are very common throughout the world. One of my uncles, with whom I grew up and was very fond, struggled with alcohol. He was a very giving, loving person, but the years and years of drinking alcohol truly destroyed his life. He was a very handsome, fun person to be around, and he used to train animals for Hollywood. One summer when I was a boy, he drove all the … Read More »

Mental Stillness and Being Present: Key Ingredients of Happiness

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If you were to ask me, “What is the key, essential component of happiness?” or, “What is a fundamental element of happiness? my answer would be simultaneously simple , yet very complicated. Here, I’d like to explore the fundamental element of happiness. When we “get it,” when we understand it, when we live by it, we will be happy. What is it? What is the fundamental key to happiness? Though it may seem very easy, finding the key to happiness can be one of life’s most difficult and elusive tasks; yet it is possible. It is absolutely possible.

First, let’s explore what causes suffering. Why do we suffer? Some time ago, there was a woman with whom I worked who really struggled with life, although she was a wonderful person. One of … Read More »

How Our Enemies Can Be Our Teachers: Learning from Those We Least Thought Would Teach Us in Life

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When I was young, I was very impatient with other drivers. I thought they were rude, disrespectful, and posed a challenge for me. I was working on myself as a person, and I didn’t like the frequent negative experiences I had with other people. One Christmas while I was in graduate school, something happened to me that told me that I needed to change. I was at the mall buying some gifts for family and friends. In the parking lot, a car pulled out right in front of me and I had to slam on my brakes in order not to hit it. The car’s driver had to stop immediately after pulling out in front of me because of the heavy traffic, and so I got out of my car to talk to him about … Read More »

Waking Up at Princeton: It’s not always the Degree You Get That Makes You Smart

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Many years ago, when I was working toward my first Master’s Degree at Princeton, I had an experience that really changed my life. This experience positioned me on a new path, and provided me with a new direction regarding how to live my life. I had accomplished many things at Princeton: I was graduating with honors, I had won many awards for my research work, and I had been accepted into one of the top Ph.D. clinical psychology programs in the United States. All seemed to be going well!

On a beautiful spring day, one of my last at Princeton, I decided to go to a park and just hang out for a few hours. I had not done this at all during the entire time I had attended Princeton. I had been … Read More »

Seeking Happiness – The Pursuit of Happiness: What Are You Seeking?

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Seeking Happiness? We all search for different things. Some of us seek money, some seek fame, some seek love, and some seek health. However, I believe that what we are all ultimately searching for is happiness. “I’ll be happy if I find the love of my life…I’ll be happy if I get that promotion and can purchase that car…I’ll be happy if everyone knows my name…I’ll be happy if my sickness is healed…” The list goes on! We seem to forget that people who have money, fame, love, or health are not necessarily happy.

Instead of those things that may lead to happiness, we are going to examine what does cause us to be happy. Together, with this book, we will explore the ways in which we can all ultimately achieve happiness and lead happy … Read More »