#36 Happiness – Movie “Transcendence” and the “Singularity”


Dr. Puff explores the implications of the movie “Transcendence” and the concept of “Singularity” in regards to finding happiness in the here and now.

#35 Happiness – Identifying with the “No-Self”


Dr. Puff explains how we can free ourselves from the egoic illusion of the self. Explore how our egoic self gets in the way of living life and finding happiness.

#34 Happiness – Making Time for Happiness


Dr. Puff explains the importance to making time to be happy. With our busy lives, we often forget to finding happiness in the here and now.

The Consequence of Not Pursuing Happiness

About 20 years ago, when I first started in Private Practice, I had a young man come to me who was so amazingly intelligent, bright, and alive with life. Although he was an incredible pleasure to work with, he came from a background where there was a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, and a lot of darkness. There were a number of very, very painful things that had happened to him in his life.

As we worked together for roughly six months, he was definitely getting better and was on an uphill trajectory. He was so intelligent that I am sure he had the potential to do a great deal of wonderful things in his life. However, circumstances changed and he stopped coming to therapy. He got involved in other things, and he … Read More »